We are highly skilled at understanding the data in your systems. This expertise allows us to focus on data quality and security while providing a breadth of approaches to deploying your data as valuable Business Intelligence. We work with best-in-class technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Business Objects, IBM/Cognos.

  • Systems health check and review of existing systems

  • Developing Proof of Concepts and prototypes

  • Database design and implementation

  • Capacity planning and performance tuning

  • Developing reporting services

  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)

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  • Mircosoft SQL Server


Database  Management Solutions

SQL Server is both an easy-to-understand language and a comprehensive tool for managing data. SQL lets you extract, combine, manipulate, and organize data with less programming than traditional methods. SQL services can be highly optimized with more complex algorithms, queries, record sets, by producing faster running code. SQL is flexible and can be used interactively. Following a cross-platform standard, SQL makes its code portable for usage. It is designed to be scalable and flexible. One main advantage of using SQL Services is the use of stored procedures. The use of stored procedures centralizes code, so that troubleshooting bad database requests can be observed by a database administrator. 

Features of SQL Support :

  • Vendor independence

  • Portability across computer systems

  • SQL standards

  • Microsoft commitment (SQL Server, ODBC, and ADO)

  • High-level, English-like structure

  • Interactive, ad hoc queries

  • Programmatic database access

  • Multiple views of data

  • Complete database language

  • Improved consistency

  • Java integration (JDBC)

  • Industry infrastructure




Reporting & Analysis

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence offers a powerful, intuitive interface that enables business analysts and non-technical information consumers to ask spontaneous and iterative business questions about their data. Your business users can use simple drag-and-drop techniques to access data sources and create interactive reports to answer business questions. Cutting edge visualization functionality allows end users to view two- and three-dimensional charts and hone in on specific areas of focus for more powerful, revealing analysis.

·         Intuitive ad hoc reporting and analysis

·         Access interactive and intuitive analysis with organized toolbar, beautiful charts, context relevant menus, drag-and-drop features.

·         Drill, slice, and format information based on your needs.

·         Ask questions, analyze data, and identify trends whether you are in the office or on the road.

·         Self-service access to information

·         Get unified access across heterogeneous data sources.

·         Supplement existing corporate information with insights from your own data.

·         Combine data from different data sources to get answers to your business questions.

·         Share trusted insights

·         Leverage the semantic layer and common business terms.

·         Get transparency into the source of information and visibility into report details.

·         Securely share interactive reports globally with colleagues, customers, and partners.



BI Dashboards

Securely and easily source your dashboards from any live data connection to any back-end system. Then share insightful visualizations live via Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, the Web, SAP Crystal Reports, or the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform or SAP portal. With SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards you can:

·         Experience unparalleled interactivity

·         Track operations with interactive real-time ready dashboards for every user.

·         Share interactive insights across your business ecosystem with any and all users.

·         Optimize successful decision making with scenario planning using what-if analysis capabilities.

·         Gain unrivaled flexibility

·         Visualize any operational and analytical information assets with direct connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects universes, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, and other live data sources.

·         Embed and interact with dashboards within portals, reports, presentations, and PDFs.

·         Extend dashboards to include any custom visualization components using SDK.

·         Design inspirational dashboards

·         Leverage a library of commonly used visualization components to help users unmask complexity of data.

·         Design simple or extraordinary dashboards with drag-and-drop and free-form design.

·         Use pre-built templates and samples to expedite dashboard design and deployment.


SAP Crystal Reorts Solutions

SAP Crystal Reports software enables you to easily design interactive reports and connect them to virtually any data source. Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering - giving them the power to execute decisions instantly.

And with SAP Crystal Reports Dashboard Design package, you can gain even more functionality for compelling reports. This bundled product includes SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design ( formerly known as Xcelsius Engage), giving you the power to create highly formatted reports with what-if scenario models, interactive charts - and deliver them via the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, or embedded in enterprise applications. As a result, you can leverage your reports to make better operational and strategic decisions.

With SAP Crystal Reports, you can:

·         Leverage professional reporting - priced for everyone

·         Empower end users to explore reports with on-report sorting and parameters

·         Minimize IT and developer effort with interactive reports

·         Save valuable report design time

·         Embed professional-looking reports in Java and .NET applications

·         Tailor your solution by adding report management and viewing tools


Software Testing Services

NAKSHA offer a whole range of software testing solutions, that are specific to your business. 

A quick health check on your current testing functions, a completely managed software testing service,

strategic planning to make the most of your software, and even resourcing to find the experts that are right for your organisation.

Let us create you a tailored solution, that will save you time and money, and keep your business running smoothly.


Our testing experts will help you find and address quality and performance issues in your testing process.

When you have designed and implemented as many test strategies and processes as we have,

it becomes much easier to uncover inefficiencies and make measurable improvements.



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